For our yearly vacation, we decided to go to Vancouver Island for the first time. We knew seeing the biggest trees around was on the top of our agenda. We are so grateful to have met TJ, who took care of us in every way. Extremely knowledgeable that ranged from the ancient forests, down to the fungi growing all around. It was such an honour to meet an advocate for such a good cause (saving and protecting these old-timers who were growing there 500 years before Christopher Columbus landed in America.) Such a thrill to be able to touch something over a 1000 years old. Lastly, to say that TJ is a great photographer would be such an understatement!!!!
— Michael, Alberta
I’m an old growth fanatic from Germany and was dreaming for years to visit the giant trees of BC. As the best places there are difficult to access for tourists, one really needs a guide. I had an awesome time on two big tree trips with TJ Watt. TJ is a very professional guide, well equipped, and very familiar with the ancient forests of Vancouver Island. Although we were at times traveling in remote and rugged terrain, I felt always safe. TJ guided me to amazing destinations like the Walbran Valley. I highly recommend a Big Tree Tour with him and I’m looking forward to my next trip!
— Thomas, Germany
My wife and I had such a great time and incredible experience on your tour thanks to your intimate knowledge of the areas we visited. It was almost like you were introducing us to your family. We couldn’t have asked for a better guide or companion to discover the big trees and beaches of the Southwest Coast of BC.
— Frank, Vancouver Island, BC
THANK YOU for our Big Tree Tour in August. It was the most wonderful part of our trip to Vancouver Island, a piece of the country that we had never seen before. We were so impressed with these most incredible forests, seascapes and landscapes, you made it an extraordinary experience for us. You are so knowledgeable and we truly enjoyed learning from you. It was a pleasure to meet you and hike with you!
— Ilyana & Nahúm - Ontario
That was really something special! To be honest, I was crying tears of joy later that afternoon in Port Renfrew… Big thank you for showing us the big trees – the absolute #1 main attraction of our Canada Tour!!
— Line & family, Denmark
The day we spent with TJ / Big Tree Tours was the highlight of our stay on Vancouver Island in autumn 2015. The places he showed us were really spectacular. He has a lot of information about the ancient forests and on top, he took excellent pictures of our family’s adventure during the tour. In all, a great day, in a great area, with a great guy!
— Philipp, Jörg and Sabine, Switzerland
Thank you for creating a unique tour just for us, that was very special indeed. I’m so glad we took the time to visit Lonely Doug, especially after reading the book and listening to the podcast. You’re an excellent guide; approachable, knowledgeable, keen, patient, easy going, very passionate about the trees. I learned a lot about the forest from you. I am missing those magical places; what a privilege to be able to walk amongst and touch the trees, to sit beneath them, gaze above them, live in the moment. It is a memory that will stay with me for a long long time. I know I will return and for sure will contact your company to go on more tours. “The trees will be calling and I must go”
— Val, Ontario
I came to Vancouver Island to explore the big trees and remaining old growth forests as I did in other regions of the world. The first day TJ lead us to the wonderful Avatar Grove near Port Renfrew, at this time threatened by logging, but now protected through his efforts. This grove, full of giant trees, is really a spectacular natural wonder. Then we made a trip on unpaved roads to two of the most magnificent and largest trees of the world - the Red Creek Fir and the San Juan Spruce.
The second day was superlative. After a long drive on logging roads, TJ hiked with me in the Carmanah Valley - a beautiful green rainforest with huge spruce trees, far from tourists. For me, this was one of the best places I ever saw. Without his help, I never would have had the chance to visit these areas.
TJ was very helpful, friendly, and authentic. He stands for what he is fighting for - the protection of the remaining old-growth forests in BC. I have decided to come back and to go on another Big Tree Tour with him soon.
— Wolfgang, Germany
Thank you for opening up my eyes to an incredible part of our country and making the experience a lifetime memory.
— Patrice, Ontario
We were very lucky to have the opportunity of spending a day with TJ Watt of Big Tree Tours in Port Renfrew. Prior to our tour with him, TJ asked us about our specific interests, and he ensured that our tour was customized for us – we really appreciated that.
TJ is not only extremely knowledgeable about the large old-growth trees in multiple locations on the island and in British Columbia, but has a passion for conserving and protecting these beautiful old trees for generations to come. He is a committed young man, and is an inspiration to the environmental movement. If you are lucky enough to be on the Island for a visit, we highly recommend spending at least one day with TJ, so that you are aware of the awesome sights that he is able to show you of these magnificent old growth forests.
You will definitely enjoy his depth of knowledge and his personable approach to what is obviously his passion. He has helped make us realize what an incredible gift we have here in BC – let’s ensure we protect it.
— Ben & Elaine, BC
The Big Tree Tour was the highlight of our holiday on Vancouver Island. TJ picked us up at our cabin at Port Renfrew in his vehicle, which was very good due to fact that some roads are challenging to drive yourself and not all the trailheads are easy to find. On the tour we saw the biggest trees around Port Renfrew (Avatar Grove, Big lonely Doug, San Juan Spruce and Red Creek Fir). The information he gave to us regarding nature in general was very interesting. So thanks again for a great tour that I can recommend to everybody who is on holiday in Port Renfrew and who wants to see the big trees!
— Erwin, The Netherlands